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Boosting the quality and reach of citizen science data

Co-designed Citizen Observatories Services for the EOS-Cloud (COS4CLOUD) is a project to make the data collected by citizens more accessible to scientists across Europe.

What is COS4CLOUD?

The European Open Science Cloud (EOS-Cloud) is a repository for research data, accessible to any scientist in Europe. Scientists upload their data to the EOS-Cloud for others to study and analyse as they wish. Bringing datasets together in this way enables research that would otherwise have not been possible, and fosters new collaborations to solve urgent environmental problems.

The goal of the COS4CLOUD project is to bring data collected in ‘citizen observatories’ into the EOS-Cloud. Citizen observatories are grassroots projects where local communities collect data to monitor their local environment. Earthwatch Europe is leading or involved in a range of different citizen observatories, such as FreshWater Watch and Groundtruth 2.0, and other projects aiming to integrate data and knowledge, such as MONOCLE and EU-Citizen.Science. 

Our work with COS4CLOUD

Earthwatch is collaborating on the COS4CLOUD project with 13 other partners from the academic, civil society and private sectors. The project aims to develop new IT services that make it easier to collect citizen science data and upload it to the EOS-Cloud. These new services will be created with input from a range of people, including both scientists and citizens. By standardising how the data is collected and shared, the COS4CLOUD project will improve the quality of the data, as well as making it more widely available. The new services will also help to ensure citizen data-collectors are more visible and can be recognised for their important contribution to environmental research.

Earthwatch will be involved in the COS4CLOUD project until 2023. Our main role will be to help disseminate the IT services developed by the project, and increase the number of people using the services for citizen science projects.


Our research

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The project is funded by the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No.863463.


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