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Projects and activities

Earthwatchers are saving the natural world through hands-on action and by creating knowledge – and you can join them.

Get outdoors with your friends and family and take action for the environment whilst having fun and meeting new people.

Our citizen science projects tackle issues around wildlife, freshwater, oceans and climate change, and are designed to suit all ages and abilities.


The wildlife in our villages, towns and cities is under threat but together we can stop this decline. Turn your neighbourhood into a thriving home for nature by creating valuable habitats for hedgehogs, frogs, bats and more.

Freshwater Watch

As water quality declines, more than half of fresh water fish species are at risk of extinction. Help us investigate the health of ponds, lakes, rivers and streams on a scale never seen before.

Plastic pollution

Earth is becoming a plastic planet. The complexity, scale and urgency of the challenge means it's something we must tackle together — from individuals at home to governments and industries.


Join respected scientists in the field to investigate the critical environmental issues facing our changing planet. You’ll make hands-on contributions to research while experiencing the cultural and natural wonders of the world.

Capturing Our Coast

The coasts around Britain are teeming with life. Find out more about these fantastic species, explore how climate change is affecting their habitat and help influence marine conservation.

Images: iStock/Rich Carey, John Hunt, iStock/evgenyatamanenko, Rory MacKinnon


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