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what we do

Our range of freely accessible projects informs, connects and inspires, showing that anyone can make a difference through hands-on action.

We inspire the next generation through our education programmes, engage with businesses to address environmental challenges and enable scientists to connect with communities.

By working together, we deliver the change necessary for a sustainable future.

Environmental themes

At the heart of everything we do are our four environmental themes: oceans and coasts, fresh water, wildlife and habitats and climate change.

Inspiring the next generation

We educate the next generation through a range of immersive educational programmes, teacher training opportunities and expeditions.

Empowering people

We empower people to save the natural world through hands-on action and by increasing our understanding of environmental issues.

Engaging businesses

We partner with businesses to empower employees to become sustainability leaders and to engage them with the critical environmental issues we face.

Enabling scientists

We generate environmental insights and inform policy by supporting early career scientists and collaborating with world-class research partners.

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Images: John Hunt, Steven O'Gorman, Kate Holt/Shoot The Earth


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