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Supporting Earthwatch with a legacy: Paul Baker's story

After a childhood spent exploring the Cairngorms and North Wales alongside holidays abroad, I ended up reading geography at university and becoming a teacher in 1970. My first decade of teaching saw me on trips with students across the UK, establishing my credentials as a geography teacher and carrying out fieldwork.

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The benefits of tree planting

Trees are amazing and fascinating organisms that make our world a richer, greener and more beautiful place. Planting trees in an area has a whole host of benefits for the environment and for local people. Tiny Forest, our community tree planting project, brings all these benefits to the many communities where we plant them. You can donate to help Earthwatch Europe plant Tiny Forests across the UK!

Here are five benefits of planting trees and why tree planting projects are so important.

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Lindsey Cole - Urban Mermaid

Of Mermaids, Poo and Plastic Pollution

Our Fresh Water Research Lead, Isabel Bishop (also known as @FreshwaterIzzy on Twitter) reflects on a special day out involving a mermaid and a plastic litter-filled poo sculpture.

I met a mermaid last week. She had a cheeky grin, an infectious sense of humour, and a beautiful golden fin. She was swimming along the River Avon near Bristol looking for an otter. But her progress was being hampered… by poo.

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The journey to environmental education

The planet that our children and grandchildren will inherit is in crisis. Dealing with this will be the biggest challenge humanity has ever faced. In a world where children are increasingly disconnected from nature, having these conversations with our younger citizens is not easy - but it is absolutely essential. Knowledge is power and the only way we can solve these issues is to understand them, feel empowered to tackle them and feel a responsibility for our planet. This is why Earthwatch Europe, supported by SC Johnson, has been working with London East Teacher Training Alliance (LETTA), engaging Trainee Teachers so that they have the tools, understanding and drive to pass these important lessons on to the children they teach in an empowering way. 

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Rivercide: a call for action

Isabel Bishop, Research Lead Freshwater 

In July 2021, the first ever live-streamed documentary aired. Presented by George Monbiot and directed by Fanny Armstrong, Rivercide presented a disturbing picture of the state of UK rivers. 

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