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COVID19: How should citizen science respond?

There is no denying that COVID-19 poses a global challenge. However, as with many of the other issues that society faces, its positive and negative effects are spread unevenly. While some of those who have been infected by the virus have been hospitalised - incapacitated to the extent they need the help of a ventilator to breathe - others have symptoms so mild they have never even noticed they were host to the virus. While some families have mourned the loss of loved ones, others have remained largely unaffected, itching for a return to normality.  

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WILD DAYS: poetry to inspire

With only three days left to enter our Wild Days Poetry competition, we wanted to share three favourites from this week to inspire you. Again, we've been overwhelmed with the talent and creativity of the entries, it's going to be really hard for our Ambassadors to choose a winner! 

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Rebuilding reefs – creating coral ‘reef stars’ in the Seychelles

We regularly see and hear about coral reefs in the news. It is usually a sad story, focused on coral bleaching and the reduction of coral cover in areas across the globe. But there are reasons to be hopeful, with many projects exploring ways to help protect and regrow coral reef. Earthwatch is working on one such exciting coral conservation project within our longstanding partnership with Mitsubishi Corporation. 

Coral reef stars being attached together on the sea floor © Noel Janetski

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Marvellous Mangroves: Dr Wanjiru's Story

Caroline Wanjiru was supported by Earthwatch to complete her PhD. Her project focused on mangroves, ecosystems which are not only incredibly biodiverse, but that protect coastal communities from extreme weather events and support livelihoods.

We asked Caroline a few questions to find out more about her work. 

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