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Hear from our Earthwatch Learning associates: Abi Jermain

We have set up our Earthwatch Learning programme so we can work effectively with business partners by offering a unique learning approach. It is about creating immersive experiences and transformational learning techniques that are grounded in nature and science. Our programmes have been crafted by our experienced learning team and learning associates.

Abi Jermain is a key member of that team as our Senior Corporate Learning Manager. She is an experiential learning designer who is skilled at bringing complex ideas and principles to life as accessible stories and activities.

Here she shares her role and her thoughts on the Earthwatch Learning programme with us.

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Hear from our Earthwatch Learning associates: Dr Jacqui Eales

Our Earthwatch Learning programme works with business partners to design and deliver a transformational learning approach. It is grounded in immersive experiences and dynamic learning techniques that draw on both science and nature. Our programmes have been crafted by our experienced learning team and learning associates.

Dr Jacqui Eales, Associate Environmental Educator and Research Fellow at the University of Exeter, is one of our associates who contributed to our unique learning approach. Jacqui has 20 years of experience as an environmental research scientist in universities, businesses and NGOs, working and lecturing on diverse topics. These include species genetics, forest management, marine conservation, tropical ecology and human-environment interactions.

For our first blog in this profile series, Jacqui tells us about her contribution and her thoughts on the Earthwatch Learning programme.

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Researcher spotlight: Macarena Cárdenas

Macarena L. Cárdenas is a Research Manager within the Science, Policy and Innovation team at Earthwatch Europe. She's a member of the team behind the Sustainability Special Issue edited by Earthwatch Europe and the Impact Report that summarises a complex programme of international research into nature-based solutions and the opportunities of citizen science. We spoke to her about her work and her hopes for the planet.

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Researcher spotlight: Nerea Ferrando Jorge

Nerea is a PhD researcher at the University of Reading,  working in collaboration with Earthwatch Europe.  Her work on 'Measuring Soil Colour to Estimate Soil Organic Carbon Using a Large-Scale Citizen Science-Based Approach' is featured in the Sustainability Special Issue "Citizen Science for Sustainable Cities: Investigating Nature Based Solutions", edited by Earthwatch Europe researchers, and in our newly-published Impact Report, which summarises the research conducted as part of the HSBC Sustainability Training Programme.

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