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Unsung pollinators – time to celebrate our flies, beetles and wasps

In the UK it is estimated that a staggering one in every three mouthfuls of food depends on pollination. Pollination is an essential process for many staples of our veg gardens and supermarket trips, including apples, tomatoes, potatoes and strawberries. Added to this, many other native plants, such as wildflowers, trees and shrubs, are also reliant on pollinators.

When we think about pollinators, often what will come to mind are bees and butterflies, maybe moths as well, but these aren’t the only insects with a claim to the name.

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GUEST BLOG: A world beneath your feet!

In our mission to understand how Nature-based solutions (NBS) can be used to build more resilient cities, PhD student Nerea Ferrando, from the University of Reading and Earthwatch, has been investigating the world beneath our feet. Researching how the soil fauna, is a vital part of the equation.

Image: Researcher (Nerea Ferrando) from the University of Reading identifying soil mesofauna (Zhang, Y., 2019. [photograph]).

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Naturehood and the 2020 Environmental Reset

As lockdown eases and ‘the Class of Covid-19’ adjust their higher education and employment plans, Earthwatch Europe’s Community Engagement Officer, Chloe Dalglish, lays out five ways volunteering with wildlife project Naturehood could boost essential skills for young people.

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Rewilding – being thrown to the wolves?

In the last few weeks alone, we have heard exciting news of bison returning to the UK and the purchasing of a 500 hectare estate near Loch Ness with the aim of restoring wildlife. These are just the latest examples of ambitious ‘rewilding’ projects, which are seeking to restore our biodiversity at a time when 15% of our species are at threat of extinction.

Whilst there is great excitement about rewilding in some quarters, myths and controversy also stalk this new approach to conservation. Talk of roaming packs of wolves, cruelty to animals and the loss of precious farmland, has meant that the very term ‘rewilding’ hangs heavy with connotations. This blog seeks to unpick what rewilding is and explores its potential for protecting the environment.

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