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Tales of our creepy crawlies

Jess Creber, Animal Biology and Conservation, Oxford Brookes University

Many insects have been mentioned in mythology and folklore since recorded history began: For example, butterflies are the symbol of life and death in Japan, whilst the Ancient Egyptians believed bees created the teardrops of Ra, the god of the sun. In this blog I would like to shed some light on the mysteries and stories of insects and how they have been symbols throughout human history.

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The wonderful world of insectivores!

This month, Naturehood has been celebrating insects, exploring the amazing diversity of this group which numbers around 24,000 currently identified species. Insects are critical to functioning ecosystems, and part of this role is within the food chain, as a vital source of protein (yum!). Let’s do a deep dive into some of the species that healthy insect populations help to support. 

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