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Celebrating our 50th anniversary: Remembering Max Nicholson

12.07.1904 - 26.04.2003

You may not know the name, but you will almost certainly be familiar with his work. Max Nicholson spent his life working to protect the natural world, and was instrumental in founding organisations including the WWF, the British Trust for Ornithology (BTO)...and Earthwatch Europe.

Max in his garden in Chelsea

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2020: a year for wildlife?


2020 was a year that we will all remember. As well as looking back on lockdowns, social distancing and PPE, there are plenty of positive wildlife stories to remember too! Though it may not have been the promised ‘super year for nature’, there were some fantastic highlights for tree huggers…

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Celebrating our 50th anniversary: Earthwatch through the ages

2021 has finally arrived, and with it comes Earthwatch's 50th anniversary! To celebrate, we will post one story a week, showcasing how people have come together to tackle the climate and environmental crises as a result of our work. 

Our first story is actually more of a roundup, with 10 pictures showing the history of Earthwatch Europe, from our founding members Herschel Post and Max Nicholson to our present day projects. 


Herschel Post MBE, one of the founders of Earthwatch Europe and Chairman from 1997-2010. Herschel and his wife Peggy were instrumental in establishing Earthwatch as a UK charity, working with a small group of like-minded colleagues with a passion for science, conservation and education to set up an office in Oxford.

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Wild Winter Migrations

Jess Creber, Animal Biology and Conservation, Oxford Brookes University

In celebration of Naturehood's Winter Wildlife Month

Many animals migrate, including wildebeest, butterflies and (most commonly of all) birds. Their ability to fly makes them the most capable of long-distance migration, often flying for miles and miles to find food in the winter and avoid harsh weather. An astonishing 4,000 species regularly migrate from one part of the world to another.

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A Green New Year

It’s the time of year that we might start to think about New Year’s resolutions. Love them or loathe them, it’s hard to escape them! And after a year like 2020, a new year feels even more momentous. 

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