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COVID-19 shows us the value of clean water…but how are we going to protect it?

Every year on 5 May, the World Health organisation marks World Hand Hygiene Day. The ‘save lives: clean your hands’ campaign is usually focused on healthcare providers, but, this year more than ever, the importance of frequent hand washing has been brought into sharp focus for the general public as we try to control the spread of COVID-19. Cleaning our hands with clean water from the tap seems unremarkable for most British people, but it is inaccessible for many people globally. 3 billion people – or 40% of the world’s population – lack access to clean water for hand washing in their homes. The fact that we need to do more to ensure clean water is readily available has never been more obvious.

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WILD DAYS: Create your own pond creature

Ponds are amazing environments for wildlife. In fact, there’s so much going on that often we just don’t notice - sometimes because the wildlife is so small, or it moves so quickly.  But take time to stop and stare and a whole new world will emerge before your eyes.

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Five reasons why agri-businesses should use citizen science

At Earthwatch Europe we believe that farming has a crucial role to play as we move towards a more sustainable society through supporting access to healthy and nutritious food while providing essential public goods, including environmental and health benefits, which underpin our economy and our environment. Managed well, our farmed landscapes have the potential to drive progress towards net-zero commitments, reverse the decline in biodiversity and maintain healthy and productive soils. However, farmers and businesses need the data and understanding to make informed decisions. Citizen science, where everyday people directly support scientific efforts, can meet this need, offering unprecedented opportunities for businesses and farmers to better understand and manage their operations.

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The 2.6 Challenge from Wild Days

Sunday 26th April, is when the London Marathon should have taken place. Like many charities, Earthwatch had several runners due to take part in this event.

To help charities like us cope with the loss of income from sponsored organised events, some amazing organisations have dreamt up the 2.6 Challenge.

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