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MINI making big changes using small spaces by bringing 12 Tiny Forests to communities across the UK

MINI is dedicated to doing more with less, and using resources responsibly to maximum effect. By partnering with Earthwatch Europe to support Tiny Forest, MINI is driving their ambition to meet the challenges of a new generation and create positive change.

Photo credit: Malcolm Griffiths

The MINI UK partnership with Tiny Forest was born from an initial interest in Tiny Forest’s potential for boosting biodiversity and bringing communities together, as well as the project’s innovative scalability to match forests with their retailers across the UK. As the relationship developed between MINI and Tiny Forest, Earthwatch Europe demonstrated the huge impacts these super tiny, super powerful forests can have on communities by creating accessible green space where the need is greatest.

Following the first MINI Tiny Forest, planted near the MINI plant in Swindon in March 2021 with employee volunteers and apprentices, MINI took their interest in Tiny Forest to another level. The project aligned well with MINI’s dedication to engage in activities beyond car manufacture that are targeted at enhancing quality of life and sustainability in the urban environment. With a true appreciation for the Tiny Forest mission to provide opportunities to access green space to communities across the UK, facilitate time spent in nature and inspire a life-long relationship with nature, MINI committed funding to 11 further Tiny Forests. These forests were planted in the 2021-2022 planting season, and a further forest has already been committed for the 2022-2023 season.

After a strong start to the partnership, developing from one forest to twelve and expanding the potential for MINI and Earthwatch Europe’s social impact across the UK, both organisations look forward to where these super tiny, super powerful forests can take them next.

MINI Tiny Forest locations:

·        East Wichel Park, Swindon

·        Bulwell Forest, Nottingham

·        Holt Drive, Charnwood

·        Egford Lane Park, Frome

·        Citrine Park, Wirral

·        Southglade Park, Nottingham

·        Bowling Park School, Bradford

·        West Berkshire Community Hospital, Thatcham

·        Moseley Road, Wolverhampton

·        Littlemore Mental Health Centre, Oxford

·        Mutton Brook, Barnet

·        Grove Primary School, Cambridge


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