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OVO Foundation helps plant 12 Tiny Forests to connect communities with green spaces

OVO Energy’s charity arm, OVO Foundation, partnered with Earthwatch Europe to fund the planting of 12 Tiny Forests across the UK. They also supported direct engagement activities with the local community and schools, including teacher training.

Photo: Ric Bravery

OVO Energy wants to use their energy to change the world for the better. They work to achieve this through their charitable arm, the OVO Foundation. In 2020, they launched a new sustainability strategy, Plan Zero, which focuses on driving progress to net zero carbon living.

Earthwatch submitted an application for funding to OVO Foundation as part of their Climate Changers Programme. The application was successful, with OVO agreeing to support the Tiny Forest project.

The partnership began in July 2020, with six Tiny Forests planted in the first Tiny Forest planting season, from November 2020 to March 2021, and another six during the next planting season running into 2022. In total, OVO Foundation successfully funded the planting of 12 Tiny Forests over that time, ranging from Glasgow to Leicester to Bristol.

There were some challenges that had to be overcome caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, as well as some problems arising with finding suitable sites. Dates had to be shifted and planting locations found. However, the partnership prevailed with all 12 Tiny Forests successfully planted with the involvement of local schools and communities.

With the support from the OVO Foundation, Earthwatch hosted engagement activities at all the 12 sites including teacher training workshops and community science days. The partnership is ongoing with current plans set to run until July 2023. 

Tiny Forests funded by OVO Foundation:

  • Queensmead Playing Field, Leicester
  • Bulwell Hall Park, Nottingham
  • William Torbitt, Redbridge
  • The Delph, Wirral
  • Mereside Public Open Space, Blackpool
  • Avenue End, Glasgow
  • Mount Vernon, Edinburgh
  • Foxwell Drive, Oxford
  • Trym Valley, Bristol
  • Perry Common, Birmingham
  • Oak Street, Wolverhampton
  • Harp Inge Open Space, Kirklees


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