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Hear from our Earthwatch Learning associates: Alex Base

Earthwatch Learning is Earthwatch Europe’s initiative working with business partners to provide transformational learning for their employees, grounded in immersive experiences and dynamic learning techniques.

The programme is delivered with support from our Earthwatch Learning associates. Alex Base is one of these associates. He is the founder of Innernature, which focuses on leadership, sustainability, coaching and consultancy. He is the Head Tutor of Sustainable Finance at the Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership. Alex is also an associate of Motive, an organisation purpose and sustainability consultancy.

Alex has over 25 years’ experience working in the corporate and finance sectors advising on sustainability/ESG and developing strategic solutions for global organisations such as HSBC. His experience spans the fields of sustainable finance, corporate sustainability, ESG policy, global ESG frameworks for change, values-led leadership, learning and development, and behavioural and organisational change.

During his 15 years at HSBC, he worked on developing HSBC’s response to the climate emergency and wider societal challenges. Alex was also responsible for HSBC’s early net-zero strategy, sustainable supply chain programme, internal Sustainability University. He led on HSBC’s experiential and transformational Sustainability Leadership Programme that was developed and run with Earthwatch Europe.

Here Alex shares his role and thoughts on the Earthwatch Learning programme.

What would you consider to be your area of expertise or interest?

ESG/Sustainability policy, frameworks, and corporate response.

Enabling individuals to surface an embodied/heart-felt response to the global challenges we face.

Creating and facilitating learning for individuals to explore the global challenges and the responses required both within the system and within their role.

Enabling individuals to develop their own personal practice (inner work) to unearth an authentic, purposeful role (outer work).

Interweaving the complex nature of the existing and emergent response to global sustainability/ESG challenges (human, corporate, policy, regulatory) with cultural/organisational change.

How do you contribute to the Earthwatch Learning programme?

Supported the development of Earthwatch Europe and their nature-based leadership programmes for 10+ years, through the relationship with HSBC. 

What do you think is the most important thing people can do for the future of the planet?

Let go of their current stories of success. Reconnect with nature and rediscover their deep relationship with the planet. Explore authentically how their ‘work’ can respond to one/many of the global emergencies we face. Respond from an inner place of connection/authenticity to build greater personal agency and authenticity in their work.

What is the one thing that gives you hope about the future of the planet?

The lived experience that deeply connecting with nature and a global consciousness can give you the agency, support, love, resilience or authenticity to respond.

What does Earthwatch Learning mean to you?

An opportunity to share with others the deep inner transformation and increased awareness that can come from spending time in, and exploring our, natural world, and that this can be an enabler for really powerful and purposeful transformation, personally and professionally.

Why do you think organisations should sign up to Earthwatch Learning?

We need to shift the conversation from one of doing less bad to one of regenerative, heartfelt leadership. We need to respond at a human level to the global challenges we face. Earthwatch Learning provides an opportunity for individuals and organisations to explore and develop solutions to authentically respond to the global challenges we face, and to do this from within, with an authentic and human-led (behavioural and cultural) response.


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