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Hear from our Earthwatch Learning associates: Abi Jermain

We have set up our Earthwatch Learning programme so we can work effectively with business partners by offering a unique learning approach. It is about creating immersive experiences and transformational learning techniques that are grounded in nature and science. Our programmes have been crafted by our experienced learning team and learning associates.

Abi Jermain is a key member of that team as our Senior Corporate Learning Manager. She is an experiential learning designer who is skilled at bringing complex ideas and principles to life as accessible stories and activities.

Here she shares her role and her thoughts on the Earthwatch Learning programme with us.

What would you consider to be your area of expertise or interest?

I am fascinated by nature-based learning, by our own innate symbiosis with nature and what reconnecting to nature can do to improve our capacity to learn and our synchronicity with the systems that support us.

What do you love about your job?

I love bringing new and dynamic learning techniques to the classroom and outdoor learning setting. I enjoy working with businesses who are committed to becoming more sustainable to uncover how their people can lead and embed their sustainability ambition. I have designed and facilitated programmes for businesses from the banking, extractive and technology sectors for leaders across their business to stimulate behaviour change, culture change and systems change.

I am a passionate climate change ambassador in my work and home life and am committed to supporting businesses to be part of the change we need.

How do you contribute to the Earthwatch Learning programme?

I design and deliver award winning programmes around the world for a range of businesses. Programmes included HSBC Water Programme, Freshwater Watch, Earth Skills Network, The HSBC Sustainability Leadership Programme, The HSBC Water Academy, Teach Earth, Shell's Project Better World, Unity Trust Bank's Sustainability Leadership Programme, Project Inspiration, Facilitator Train the Trainers and the Mitsubishi Employee Engagement Programme.

What do you think is the most important thing people can do for the future of the planet?

Use your voice – it’s powerful.  Speak up at work to challenge your business on its greatest impacts – let them know that their valuable talent want to work for a sustainability leader. Write to your MP to tell them that their voters want them to take action to protect the natural world. Be vocal with your friends. But don’t waste your energy battling with climate deniers, it’s not worth it and it will only exhaust you.

What is the one thing that gives you hope about the future of the planet?

Mainstreaming of sustainability thinking. Having worked in this space for decades, I finally feel that our voice is not that of an outlier… circularity, eliminating fossil fuels, nature regeneration, these are now just good business sense.

What does Earthwatch Learning mean to you?

Connections: with people, with ideas, with myself, with nature.

Why do you think organisations should sign up to Earthwatch Learning?

Because your business’s sustainability strategy needs leaders to lead it, practitioners to enact it, and people to live it. Earthwatch can help you make this happen.

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