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Hear from our Earthwatch Learning associates: Dr Jacqui Eales

Our Earthwatch Learning programme works with business partners to design and deliver a transformational learning approach. It is grounded in immersive experiences and dynamic learning techniques that draw on both science and nature. Our programmes have been crafted by our experienced learning team and learning associates.

Dr Jacqui Eales, Associate Environmental Educator and Research Fellow at the University of Exeter, is one of our associates who contributed to our unique learning approach. Jacqui has 20 years of experience as an environmental research scientist in universities, businesses and NGOs, working and lecturing on diverse topics. These include species genetics, forest management, marine conservation, tropical ecology and human-environment interactions.

For our first blog in this profile series, Jacqui tells us about her contribution and her thoughts on the Earthwatch Learning programme.

What would you consider to be your area of expertise or interest?

The ever-changing and intricate relationship between humans and the planet.

How do you contribute to the Earthwatch Learning programme?

I add the “planet” perspective to Earthwatch learning programmes, presenting the latest science on human pressures on the Earth, and inviting discussion on how we can respond to the crisis upon us.

What do you think is the most important thing people can do for the future of the planet?

Engage conversations about the crisis at all levels of your sphere of influence (with the help of reliable information sources!)

What is the one thing that gives you hope about the future of the planet?

The fact we are seeing inspiring changes and leaders at all levels, from individual to NGO, from enterprise to governments, and at the interstate level.

What does Earthwatch Learning mean to you?

The opportunity to meet, discuss and debate with participants on Earthwatch Learning programmes is invaluable, first, for my evolving understanding of how business partners value sustainability, and second, for the impact I can have on the participants within their personal and professional roles.

Why do you think organisations sign up to Earthwatch Learning?

The positive changes I have seen, first-hand, and multiple times over, in participants’ determination and motivation to do better for the planet, society and their business, after attending our Programmes.

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