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Researcher spotlight: Nerea Ferrando Jorge

Nerea is a PhD researcher at the University of Reading,  working in collaboration with Earthwatch Europe.  Her work on 'Measuring Soil Colour to Estimate Soil Organic Carbon Using a Large-Scale Citizen Science-Based Approach' is featured in the Sustainability Special Issue "Citizen Science for Sustainable Cities: Investigating Nature Based Solutions", edited by Earthwatch Europe researchers, and in our newly-published Impact Report, which summarises the research conducted as part of the HSBC Sustainability Training Programme.

We asked Nerea about science and the environment. 

What do you think is the most important thing people can do for the future of the planet?

There is no silver bullet solution but protecting the future of our planet starts with individuals exercising their rights as active citizens. For example, by putting pressure on governments and on companies to end business as usual for climate change mitigation. There are also numerous daily actions that can help make a difference – from driving and flying less, to reducing consumption of dairy or meat products, or switching to a green energy provider.

What is the one thing that gives you hope about the future of the planet?

Science shows us a clear path towards a sustainable future where nature and people thrive together. It gives me hope to see that it is achievable!

What does citizen science mean to you?

Citizen science to me is a win-win for both science and society. This form of participatory research can help advance scientific knowledge, improve conservation efforts, and bring people closer to nature. Some of these projects involve millions of people and enable investigations that would otherwise not be possible.

How can scientific research impact the future of the planet?

Scientific research has always propelled humanity forward. Without it, our lives would be completely different. Think of life without modern medicine, your cell-phone, or the internet.

Science equips us to find solutions to life’s challenges.

It is key to help us achieve sustainable development and greener societies.


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