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Celebrating our 50th anniversary: Aaron Mace, Naturehood

We interviewed one our most active Naturehood users, Aaron, about his experience of the project. Read on to find out why he loves Naturehood, and the impact it's had on his outdoor space.

Why do you enjoy Naturehood?

I enjoy Naturehood as it is a family of like-minded people who love all things nature. I love doing the quizzes and sharing all the pictures of my Naturespace. I also enjoy seeing all other people’s experiences with nature to inspire me.

Why did you join Naturehood?

I joined naturehood as I saw a video from one of my childhood heroes talking about how good it is. I have been a fan of Michaela Strachan and Chris Packham from watching The Really Wild Show and now on all the Watches.

What effect do you think Naturehood has had on you, your family and your Naturespace?

I realised in November 2019 that I had PTSD from my service in the Armed Forces. I was not getting the help I needed and had to find a way to help myself get to a situation that did not split my family up. 

After I found Naturehood I had a new lease of life. I have always loved nature and I have almost completed my collection of Sir David Attenborough DVD’s. Even when I was in the forces I was getting nature pics from war zones and other conflict areas I visited. 

Naturehood has helped me grow my passion for wildlife since I joined, I have got a new passion for nature photography and regularly have pictures on the platform to share with others. 

Our Naturespace has flourished as we have added more nature elements (apart from a pond) due to the interesting facts about what nature needs from the experts on Naturehood. I have built a hedgehog house and feeding station, also Lincolnshire’s first bug tepee. 

My family are more involved with nature too as they can see how it is helping me and them. As we live on a corner plot we have got nature on three sides and we have made sure everything is nature friendly in our garden. Basically, you could say Naturehood has saved my marriage, my family and even my life. 

I am very grateful and I would like to be a bigger part of Naturehood.


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