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A Green New Year

It’s the time of year that we might start to think about New Year’s resolutions. Love them or loathe them, it’s hard to escape them! And after a year like 2020, a new year feels even more momentous. 

So how can you really make a difference with your New Year’s resolution? Make them green! You can use our Green New Year’s Resolutions chart to hold yourself accountable and start making a real difference for our planet.

Natalie Fée, environmental campaigner and founder of City to Sea, suggests some changes to make in 2021 in our latest Wild Weekend video. Did you know that 80% of our personal carbon footprint comes from three main areas? These are energy, travel and food. And it’s easy to make simple changes to reduce this footprint!


  • Check if you’re using a green energy supplier. If not, make the switch!
  • If you’re already using a green energy supplier, start turning off all your appliances at the plug each evening. Not only does this reduce your carbon footprint, it could also save you £80 - £100 per year.


  • Why not pledge to have a plane-free year? Flying produces more harmful emissions than other types of transport. You could try reaching other countries by train, or staying put and exploring more of your local area. 
  • Start cycling if you can! Swap your car commute for a bicycle, or get the kids cycling to school.


  • The biggest source of CO2 emissions, soil pollution and ocean pollution when it comes to food is the intensive farming of meat and dairy. How about making a pledge for veg? Eat more veg and less meat!
  • Try out Veganuary to slash your carbon emissions. 
  • You could also try Fish-free February to help preserve our oceans.


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