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WILD DAYS: Create your own pond creature

Ponds are amazing environments for wildlife. In fact, there’s so much going on that often we just don’t notice - sometimes because the wildlife is so small, or it moves so quickly.  But take time to stop and stare and a whole new world will emerge before your eyes.

Many animals have cool adaptations that help them to live in their habitat, and pond life is no different.


Lesser water boatmen use their legs to help them find food! They sieve the water using the hairs on their legs and catch small pieces of algae on them.

Dragonflies are one of the fastest insects in the world and can fly up to 40 miles per hour! This helps them to avoid being eaten by predators. Their eyes are specially developed to help them see 360 degrees around them.

Newts and frogs have webbed feet, which helps them to push their way through the water, making swimming much easier. Pond skaters have hairy feet, which allows them to walk on water. The hairs trap air, which allows them to skate across the water surface.

Caddisfly larvae camouflage themselves by living inside twigs, leaves and the crevices of rocks. Adult caddisflies are referred to as 'cased caddis' when they are found hidden inside foliage!

So you can see there are many incredible ways in which pond creatures have adapted to make the most of their environment, to help themselves feed, move and hide from predators. Why not try to create your own pond creature that is adapted to live underwater?

We would love to see what you've imagined for your pond. Send us pictures, stories and videos on social media using the #WildDays.

You could draw your creature, labelling its key features and explaining what they are used for.

Think about what your creature eats, where specifically it lives, what colour it might be and how it looks! Be as inventive as possible.

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