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Why Earthwatch Europe will be joining the global climate strike

Many members of Earthwatch Europe's staff will be striking this Friday. CEO Steve Andrews explains why he is encouraging the team to go out and join the protests. 


It’s an odd experience for a newly-appointed CEO to stand before his first staff meeting and encourage the team to join a strike. It could send the wrong message!

But these are unusual and urgent days which call for unusual and urgent actions.

The strike in question is, of course, the global climate strike this Friday, 20 September. It has been called by a coalition of NGOs and campaign groups in support of the Youth Strike for Climate, inspired by Greta Thunberg, which has spread throughout the world.

And the decision taken by Earthwatch’s management team to support staff wishing to participate was actually an easy one. We may be an organisation that prides ourselves on taking the considered and scientific view but it’s obvious to us all that if our politicians don’t ‘unite behind the science’ as Greta says, then all the horrors of 3 degree warming await our planet and future generations.

Over the last six months, the twin protests of Extinction Rebellion and the school strikes have contributed to the UK declaring a climate emergency and committing to going virtually carbon free by 2050, the first country in the world to do so.

Protesting is working. Adults now need to step up and add to the pressure.

And Earthwatch is proudly and unequivocally throwing itself behind that call.

For me, it is also about being able to look my children in the eyes. My 15 year old daughter has been a leader in the school strikes in Buckinghamshire. And on the day of the global strike, my eldest son will be standing in court, defending himself for his part in the Extinction Rebellion protests.

It breaks my heart to see the sacrifices our children are making to get the world to sit up and take the climate crisis seriously. The very least we can do is to stand alongside them.


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