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Welcome spring to your Nature Space

My small cottage garden has become a lot more exciting in the last week or so. There is the unmistakable whiff of spring in the air, the sun visits a lot more often, the birds are getting busy and their song is becoming increasingly louder and more beautiful. With that in mind, I started spending more time in the garden patiently checking and waiting for it to fully awaken and become full of life and colour. So far I’ve seen some very hungry honey bees flying around my grape hyacinths, and in my pond one of the many resident water striders is already awake waiting for his companions to join. I have also spotted a juvenile newt, a huge dragonfly nymph at the bottom of the pond and yesterday I saw my first early bumblebee of the year. What an exciting time!


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It's time to Teach the Future!

It's time to Teach the Future!

Climate change and biodiversity loss are two of the biggest issues facing humanity.

Plenty of children are aware of the crises but don’t feel that they have the power or the knowledge to make a difference. This leaves them feeling anxious and unsupported.

Meanwhile, other children feel completely disconnected from nature and lack the motivation to protect the natural world. This is bad news for the planet because soon it will be up to them to protect it.

Teach the Future is a youth-led campaign that aims to tackle both of these experiences by improving environmental education in schools and by giving young people a louder voice in tackling the climate and biodiversity crises.

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GUEST BLOG: Championing collaboration to combat the climate crisis

Last year, we saw a dramatic change in narrative: from sustainability to climate emergency.  Countries and councils declared climate emergencies and set long-term pathways to reach net-zero emissions; 177 companies committed to setting targets aligned to a 1.5°C maximum temperature increase.


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