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Earthwatch at 50: Liz Joyce's story

In 1992, after some persuasion from a friend, Liz Joyce joined an expedition to Russia’s Altai Mountains fearing she’d never get a chance to visit this remote area any other way. 

She travelled via the Trans-Siberian Railway to join the group in Novosibirsk, an adventure in itself, before contributing to research monitoring changes in the region’s glaciers.

“After two days camping and hiking up peaks to collect data, it was great that we were allowed to sleep in a disused hut with two beds. But I soon realised there was no door.  I asked the Principle Investigator, Maria what we should do if a bear came visiting us…’take a photograph’ she said!”

Liz is still in touch with Maria to this day, and has visited Russia both as a tourist, as well as working there for a year as a teacher.

“These experiences have made my life richer and if it wasn’t for the initial Earthwatch expedition, I may never have had them.”


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