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Earthwatch at 50: Raghuvansh Saxena's story

Raghuvansh Saxena has 26 years of experience in Sustainability and Climate Change, Nature Conservation, Water and Natural Resources Management. Raghu has been leading Earthwatch India for over ten years. Raghu's priority as CEO has been to develop the organisation's programmes and to align the programmes with some of the National Missions in India. A common theme in all these programmes is that science and innovation are at their heart. 

Earthwatch India has programmes in 15 locations, including the Indian Himalayan Region and the Western Ghats, known for a great diversity of natural ecosystems and unique flora and fauna. Earthwatch India has projects in thematic areas such as climate action and sustainable technologies, forest and ecosystem services, pollinators, water bodies and green spaces in urban areas, air quality and health, clean water and hygiene, reducing plastic pollution, biodiversity and habitat conservation.

The organisation has also developed projects for low-cost energy-efficient solutions at the grassroots and training young people with the skills needed to support natural resource conservation in rural areas.

"We have found our niche in community science projects that help develop scientific temper and build an interface between science and society and how the public chooses to use scientific knowledge to contribute solutions.”


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