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Welcome to Naturehood – Earthwatch Europe’s new community wildlife project


Delivered in partnership with Wiltshire Wildlife Trust, this exciting project will connect you and your neighbours with the nature on your doorstep, supporting you in taking positive action for local wildlife.     



With the launch of our dedicated Naturehood website, we are inviting you to sign up to the project and take part in a variety of activities to help monitor and provide habitat for some of the UK’s struggling species. More than half of all UK species have declined in recent decades, but by joining in Naturehood activities such as garden wildlife surveys, you can help us learn more about the wildlife in your area and how best to support it.

Toos Van Noordwijk, Earthwatch’s Director of Science, Policy and Innovation, said: “We know that British wildlife needs our help: space for nature is disappearing at alarming rates and that affects us all. By inspiring whole neighbourhoods to transform their gardens and green spaces into a connected and thriving ‘Naturehood’, we will be able to connect and benefit both wildlife and people.”


In our four initial Naturehoods within Oxford and Swindon, our enthusiastic Community Engagement Officers will also be running a host of engaging, family-friendly events including special talks and wildlife walks. If you live outside these areas but would like to get involved, please contact us.


If all UK gardens were turned into nature-friendly spaces, it would create a wildlife haven of over 430,000 hectares in size


With a variety of fun ways to get involved and meet your local community, Naturehood really is for everyone: whether you’re an ecology expert or a nature novice; whether you have a window box or acres of lawn; and whether you want to be a friend to frogs or a buddy to butterflies. Sign up today and unlock your green potential.

Naturehood is supported by the National Lottery Heritage Fund.

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