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Give in your will

Join a growing number of Earthwatchers who have chosen to leave us a gift in their Will.

Making a Will helps you to plan for the needs of your loved ones. Leaving a gift to Earthwatch will help secure a brighter future for our planet and the generations to come.

Our legacy supporters have a lasting impact, enabling us to tackle the environmental challenges that threaten our natural world. Your gift doesn’t have to be large to make a difference – no matter how big or small, there are plenty of ways you can contribute to a sustainable future. From funding research to planting trees and educating children on the importance of nature, your gift will drive the change needed to help us live within our means and in balance with nature.

Earthwatch is part of the National Free Wills Network. This means that we are able to offer a limited number of supporters aged 55 or over the opportunity to write a simple Will, free of charge.

The hope is that each supporter will choose to leave a bequest to Earthwatch, but of course there is no obligation to do so. Earthwatch will pay for each Will at a reduced rate from partner solicitors.

To get you free Will pack or to request more information please fill in this form:

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* You must confirm you are 55 or over to receive a free Will pack.

Alternatively, if you are writing a more complex Will or would prefer to use your own solicitor, please include the following: our full charity name (Conservation Education and Research Trust (Earthwatch Institute Europe)); our address (Earthwatch Institute, Mayfield House, 256 Banbury Road, Summertown, Oxford, OX2 7DE); and our registered charity number (1094467 for England and Wales).

We always recommend that you take professional advice to ensure the legacy meets your personal circumstances.

Remember to keep a copy of your Will for your own reference and keep the original document in a safe place.


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