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FreshWater Watch

Understanding our precious water

FreshWater Watch offers you the chance to join in research about fresh water and learn how to safeguard the quality and supply of this most precious and vital resource.

The FreshWater Watch community has gathered more than 20,000 water quality samples from around the world. Originally launched as part of the HSBC Water Programme in 2012, FreshWater Watch is expanding to volunteer and research organisations and schools in the UK, Europe and Africa.

What you can do


Anyone can register and take part in our fun and free Water Blitz. Get outdoors and hands-on with scientific research that will contribute to our understanding of water health in Europe.

Partner with us

We provide access to resources and networks to support you in engaging and inspiring your students.

Read our latest Water Blitz report

Read the lastest report from the Thames catchment Water Blitz Spring 2019. The Thames Water Blitzes support our bi-annual survey of the health of your local acquatic environment. By collecting water samples volunteer can help take a snapshot of water quality and identify pollution hotspots.

FreshWater Watch in your school

As part of our Discover Earth programme, we offer a school assembly, outdoor classes and exploration of the Global Goals (or SDGs), using FreshWater Watch amongst our other research activities.


Our FreshWater Watch Impact Report looks back on five years of success, demonstrating the social and environmental impact of the programme through case studies from around the world.

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Why FreshWater Watch matters


As water experts, we’re engaging communities in vital research and water quality issues.


Fresh water ecosystems purify water and ingest waste. This ecosystem service is valued at US$400 billion worldwide annually.


As water quality declines in some regions, more than 50% of native freshwater fish species and nearly one third of the world’s amphibians are at risk of extinction.

Images: John Hunt, Jay Ortiz


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