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Our events are an opportunity to learn about the environmental issues that matter most to the future of the planet, and how you can play a role in tackling them.


Webinar: Nature-based solutions for carbon storage

Join us on 4 November for a free webinar discussing the use of Nature-based solutions for carbon storage. 

With many cities around the world working towards carbon neutrality, we will explore the potential of urban nature-based solutions to capture carbon and contribute to this goal. Our scientific experts will be joined by representatives from Nottingham City Council and University of Reading to talk about the important role of soil around urban trees as a carbon sink, and the impact of different land management in the ability of trees to capture carbon.

Webinar: Nature-based solutions for natural flood management

Climate projections predict a rise in the intensity and severity of extreme weather events, leading to a greater risk of flooding. With largely impermeable surface cover, urban areas are particularly vulnerable.

On 11 November, join Earthwatch Europe's scientific experts and representatives from Imperial College London and Polypipe, as they discuss urban trees and green roofs' ability to help control flooding in urban areas in the UK.

Webinar: Nature-based solutions for thermal comfort

Heatwaves present huge risks to human health, infrastructure and the economy. Cities often suffer the most from extreme heat because of the Urban Heat Island effect (UHI).

On the 18 November, Earthwatch Europe scientists will be joined by Kalifa University of Science and Technology and Loughborough University to share research findings and insights into the potential of nature-based solutions, in particular urban trees, to improve local microclimates and thermal comfort levels in both arid and temperate environments, using the UAE and UK as examples.


Webinar: Nature-based solutions for water quality improvements

We rely on freshwater for so many things, but the impacts of urbanisation and climate change are a significant threat to them.

Join our webinar on 25 November to hear from Earthwatch Europe, Consejo Civil Mexicano para la Silvicultura Sostenible and Mott MacDonald about the potential of nature-based solutions for water purification, with a case study looking at a major water supply area to Mexico City.


How can we save the planet by 2030?

We're facing the most rapid mass extinction in millions of years, plunging water health and an inability to feed our booming population, despite growing enough food.

We need to take action now to save our planet. We invite you to join our debate with special guest speakers including Tony Juniper CBE, Natalie Fee and Simon King OBE on feeding the planet, protecting our fresh water, saving our oceans and addressing wildlife declines - and the potential repercussions of failing to meet the key Sustainable Development biosphere Goals.

If you weren't able to get tickets, don't worry! You can still watch the video here.

Stand-up for wildlife - The X-tinct Factor

All creatures great and small are facing unprecedented pressure from human-made threats to our natural world and our hilarious hopefuls will be reminded us why we must do everything we can to save all species.

Hear highlights from Simon Watt, Rachel Wheeley, Matthew Highton, Helen Duff, Ben Pope and Duncan Wisbey.

Oxford Literary Festival - Can veganism save the planet?

With an estimated 9 billion mouths to feed globally by 2050, which farming system can meet the long-term food needs of society, whilst also protecting the environment? Is veganism the way to save our planet or just an unobtainable panacea?

Framing the Future - Young Earthwatcher film competition

We really enjoyed meeting the environmentalists, presenters and natural history filmmakers of the future at this special Wildscreen Festival event.

The 'environmental shorts' created by the talented finalists of the Young Earthwatcher Film Competition were all brilliant. Our diverse panel of professionals were on hand to discuss the films and select a winner.

Images: iStock/scyther5; Daisy Dai


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