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Teach Earth

In the field

Climate change is one of the most prevalent issues of the human age; loss of habitats in the UK and round the world are increasingly threatening our global biodiversity, and population rise, intensive agriculture and waste continue to threaten freshwater and marine ecosystems.

Connection to nature is a critical aspect of conservation, as it symbolises relationships, emotions and attitudes to the environment.

In the UK, many children spend as little as 16 minutes in nature a day, with research suggesting that at least 75% of UK children spend less time outdoors than prisoners. Increasingly, children are spending more time using technology and less time outdoors – this means that an entire generation is rapidly disconnecting from nature and being deprived the opportunity to explore and learn outdoors.

Teach Earth in the field seeks to equip educators with the skills, confidence and resources to lead outdoor and environmental education, giving their students an opportunity to both build and maintain their connection to nature.

Teach Earth in the field is a weekend residential training programme hosted in Oxfordshire’s ancient Wytham Woods.

We provide both private teams for trainee teacher cohorts as well as public teams for teachers, teaching assistants and informal educators.

The training is led by our in-house Learning Team and Research Team, who will guide you through a series of hands-on modules exploring key environmental challenges, a selection of citizen science projects and creative ways to enhance the outdoor learning experience. The training will be supported by opportunities for peer sharing, and a full set of robust and engaging educator resources.

Our prices and dates for 2021 are yet to be confirmed. To find out more about Teach Earth in the field, please use the inquiry form.

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The Teach Earth in the field learning programme offers a range of modules, including; An introduction to outdoor & environmental education, Biodiversity, Climate Change, Sustainability, Freshwater Watch, Plastic Rivers, Naturehood, Tiny Forests, Community Changemakers & Citizen Science. Each module involves a foundation of knowledge sharing, hands-on activities you can run with your students, as well as peer learning and action planning.


Our Teach Earth in the field has previously been run in Oxfordshire, Ceredigion and Edinburgh. With the considerations of Covid-19, we plan to run our 2021 series of weekends in Wytham Woods, Oxfordshire from May-July. More information on locations and dates will be announced in early 2021.


New text: In January 2021 we are excited to be bringing you our brand new Earthwatch Education platform, filled with teaching guides, videos, student activities and much more, all to engage your class in key environmental challenges and to get you prepared to take the classroom outdoors. You can find out more by clicking the button below.

Why Teach Earth matters:


Children are spending less and less time outdoors, becoming increasingly disconnected from nature. We’re instilling in them a love of the outdoors and laying the foundations for a more sustainable future.


Our citizen science model lets teachers and children be part of science that is relevant and genuinely makes a difference to the planet.


Our approach uniquely targets hearts and minds. We show not only how science works and how it’s fun but also why it’s important for the health of the planet and our well-being.

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