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Learning Resources

Gain the confidence to take your classes outdoors and reconnect students with nature.

Our lesson resources have been developed with teachers for Key Stage 1-2 curriculum-relevant outdoor experience.

Enhance your classes in the great outdoors to support your science, maths, English and geography classes with real science. Engage your primary school students in hands-on science and sustainability issues facing our planet, to see how they can make a difference.

Resources that you will get access to

Freshwater Watch

Students can investigate the health of global freshwater ecosystems on a scale never seen before. Collecting water quality data at their local water-bodies, students can help researchers understand how humans are influencing the health of our fresh water.

Earthworm Watch

We depend on healthy soils, and earthworms keep soils healthy. Earthworm Watch enables students to develop scientific literacy skills linked to the Science National Curriculum through hands-on experiences categorising earthworms and soils, taking part in a real scientific enquiry.

Tea Bag Index

Students can investigate decomposition processes vital to plants, soil and the environment with The Teabag Index, an accessible project to bring this vital ecosystem process to life.

Sustainable Development Goals

Enable your class to become a positive force for change in the world through taking part and contributing to the 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

Health and Safety

Each project has Health and Safety guidelines that you should read prior to doing any risk assessment. It is very important that teachers are aware of the nature and risks in their school grounds or nearby green spaces where activities may be delivered. All of our projects allow teachers and students to engage with the outdoor environment, whether digging for earthworms, burying teabags or measuring the health of fresh water.


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