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Planet-saving science


We’re not currently analysing new data for this project, but you can still take part for your own enjoyment! We’ll let you know as soon as we secure funding to continue this research.

Earthwatchers are volunteers who take part in scientific research projects to help the environment.

Why become an Earthwatcher?

Our environment is facing hugely complex challenges, including declining biodiversity, air pollution and climate change. But we can’t find effective solutions until we understand those complexities.

That’s why Earthwatch is aiming to recruit up to 100,000 volunteers – or ‘Earthwatchers’ – from across the UK and Europe, who will collect scientific data about what’s happening to our natural resources. 

The data our Earthwatchers collect will fill several scientific knowledge gaps, to:

- Help identify which environmental solutions will have the biggest impact

- Help identify how changes at a local level can be scaled up to inform global change

- Indicate where action is most urgently needed.

Anyone can take part, and we offer plenty of guidance on what you’ll need to do when you register.

About citizen science

Most of the projects you can get involved with through Earthwatchers involve citizen science – where members of the public, who don’t necessarily have specialist training, help gather and analyse scientific data.

Citizen science is a great way for people from all walks of life to come together, connect with nature, learn about science and make a real difference to the environment. It can empower people to join the debate about the way we manage our natural resources and make change happen in their own lives.

At Earthwatch Europe we’re proud to be at the forefront of the global citizen science movement, developing and sharing best practice for the benefit of people, wildlife and nature.


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Your donation will help us to plan, carry out and analyse the results of our projects and keep growing our community of Earthwatchers.

Working with business

Interested in getting involved with Earthwatchers to enhance your corporate sustainability offer? Find out how your business can be Earthwatch’s next partner.


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