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Earthwatch inspires and empowers people like you to take meaningful action to save the natural world.

We have a range of hands-on activities and projects to get involved in, alongside inspirational digital and in-person events that run throughout the year. Several of our research projects depend on citizen science. We enable members of the public to collaborate with our scientists by contributing data that they collect in their local area.

Whether you nurture wildlife in your garden, monitor the water quality of your local river or help us to understand how climate change is affecting our coastline, your local actions will have a global impact and deliver science that matters.


Support local wildlife through Naturehood, our newest project that brings people together to support the nature on their doorstep.

FreshWater Watch

Be part of our global project which enables individuals and communities to monitor, protect and restore their local water resources.

Plastic Rivers

Our Plastic Rivers project offers practical, evidence-based steps to tackle the plastic pollution on our doorsteps, so that everyone can be part of the solution.

Education and Schools

Our unique education offerings enable you to engage your students with nature and inspire them to take positive action for a sustainable future.


Our events are a great opportunity to learn about the environmental issues that matter most to the future of the planet, and how you can play a role in tackling them.


Our expeditions enable you to join respected scientists in the field and make hands-on contributions to research, all while having the adventure of a lifetime.

Images: John Hunt, Daisy Dai


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