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Earthwatch Shulman Awards 2018

Thanks to the kind support of Neville Shulman CBE, we have been able to offer grants to help six conservationists in the early stages of their careers, and continue the awards for ten more years. These grants enable young scientists to achieve career development in their research relating to threatened species, habitats, educating and engaging local communities.

Neville said:, “My shared belief with Earthwatch is that there is an acute global shortage of experts with practical observation, project identification and focused planning skills. We are therefore very much aware that future conservation leaders must continue to communicate the importance of research to an ever growing wide range of individuals. They may differ in their interests, their enthusiasms and their abilities but hopefully they will all share in the need to protect and enhance the extraordinary habitats of the World.”

“These awards provide opportunities to individuals to demonstrate their abilities to create, develop and deliver important conservation research projects which will support local and community actions and engagement.”

The winners of the 2018 Earthwatch Shulman Awards are studying wildlife in Costa Rica, Ghana, India, and corals in countries including the Seychelles and Kenya.

Find our more about the 2018 winners:
• Ansumana Darbo – Community Mangrove Conservation and Restoration project, Gambia
• Bernard Amakobe, elephant tracking, Kenya
• David Herra-Miranda, studying bottlenose dolphins, Costa Rica
• Leonie Siamah, studying Muni Pomadze wetlands birds, Ghana
• Ahmad Hussein Mohamed, studying coral, Seychelles

The Earthwatch Shulman Awards celebrates its tenth year of supporting emerging scientists by providing grants to early-career conservationists in Africa, Asia and Central and South America through the generous support of author and explorer Neville Shulman.

Speaking on the ten year anniversary of the awards, Neville said: “In 2008 I established the Earthwatch Shulman Awards to assist emerging leaders in education and field science to support conservation in Africa and Asia particularly but also in many other World regions.”

“2018 is a ten year benchmark for these Awards and I am determined to continue my ongoing commitment in supporting inspiring and passionate conservation researchers and future leaders.”

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