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Young woman with a boy showing him how to measure trees in a Tiny Forest

Earthwatch and STEM Learning unite to advance STEM and environmental education with Tiny Forest

In an exciting new initiative, Earthwatch Europe and STEM Learning have formed a partnership to advance STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) and environmental education through building connections with Tiny Forests.

The Urban Forest Learning Partnership brings together STEM Learning’s expertise in empowering students with STEM and Earthwatch Europe’s experience in environmental education. It will utilise Earthwatch’s Tiny Forest programme, giving teachers and students the skills they need to help build a greener future. The project aims to enrich educational experiences and foster a deeper connection to nature among students and educators alike.

Working with around ten schools and colleges, the ENTHUSE partnership will develop tailored three-year green STEM action plans. These will include planting, nurturing, and learning from community Tiny Forests.

The ENTHUSE partnership will deliver high-quality STEM education CPD (Continuing Professional Development) for teachers, build students’ understanding of environmental STEM opportunities, and promote equitable access to green careers for young people.

For teachers, activities will include CPD through a blend of residential, local, and online courses, and facilitation of teacher placements in STEM industries or university departments. For students, options include engagement with STEM Ambassadors to inspire young minds, and establishment of STEM clubs to cultivate practical skills.

As a result of the project, in young people we hope to see increased attainment in STEM subjects, particularly benefiting disadvantaged students. We intend for students to gain a creative and interdisciplinary approach to tackling the climate crisis.

There should be greater understanding and interest in STEM careers, fostering a diverse and inclusive talent pipeline for the green sector. It’s also about inspiring students to form sustained connections with nature, as well as nurturing curiosity and improving their wellbeing through time spent outdoors.

For educators and schools, we anticipate strengthened subject knowledge, particularly in environmental STEM subjects, with boosted confidence in outdoor teaching and STEM enrichment activities.

We hope to see increased motivation to inspire curiosity about the natural world. Alongside this, there will be a network of teachers and schools taking part in outdoor citizen science, further building young people’s connection to nature. 

This ENTHUSE partnership is also about bringing nature-rich spaces to urban communities through Tiny Forest. There are plans to work with the communities through recruiting Tree Keeper volunteers as forest ambassadors and encouraging community participation in citizen science.

A group of students holding trees at Dagenham Green

Learn more about ENTHUSE partnerships and Tiny Forest x Schools in the following videos.

Find out more about Earthwatch’s work supporting teachers and students to connect with nature and build green skills here. Discover STEM Learning’s work to improve lives through STEM education and ENTHUSE partnerships here.

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