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Earthwatch at 50: Steven Loiselle's story

Steven Loiselle is an Associate Professor at the University of Siena in Italy, and a Senior Researcher at Earthwatch Europe. He leads FreshWater Watch, bringing together more than 60 agency and research institutes looking at nearly 2,000 water bodies across six continents.

FreshWater Watch in action (Credit: John Hunt)

Focused on the dynamics of freshwater ecosystems in the context of global change, he has led international research projects on Mediterranean coastal lakes, Great Lakes in Africa, wetlands in the Paraná Delta and shallow lakes in the Yangtze Valley.

“Earthwatch has opened up new horizons in the way I think about science, pushing me to make our research impactful and relevant to the communities that can most benefit. These successes are born from a common vision for a better environment that is shared between Earthwatch and our partners from across the globe.” 


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