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Earthwatch at 50: Sarah Staunton-Lamb's story

Sarah Staunton-Lamb, Senior Learning and Engagement Manager, joined Earthwatch in 2000 to work on the Millennium funded Fellowship programme. The programme offered the over-50s the chance to join an Earthwatch expedition before investing their newfound knowledge in a local community conservation project.

Before she joined Earthwatch, Sarah had volunteered within the wildlife sector, volunteered on a conservation project in Africa and worked for a development charity.

“Earthwatch offered me not only the global perspective, but the ability to do something about it locally.” 


Looking back almost 20 years, Sarah remembers a very different office environment to the one she works in now.

“I remember when the first HSBC programme started,” she says. “People used to fax things then. The fax machine was in the reception area.  I remember coming in one morning  and the entire floor was covered in paper because so many people had faxed in their applications over night.  

But other things haven’t changed; Sarah says that during the 20 years that she’s worked for Earthwatch.

“The people who work at Earthwatch have always been people who are passionate about what we do.” 


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