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Earthwatch at 50: Rosalind Scott's story

Science teacher Rosalind Scott spent two weeks studying Icelandic glaciers after being awarded an Earthwatch Millennium Teacher Fellowship in 1998.

Rosalind helped researchers measure glacier melting rates and study the impacts of global warming.

“The expedition gave me a deeper insight into the region and the effects of global warming, more than any tourist trip would. I raved about it to the students when I got back to school” said Rosalind.

In addition to the glaciers of the north, Rosalind also loves the African bush, having taught in Zimbabwe and South Africa for 7 years. Rosalind managed to revisit this passion through subsequent Earthwatch expeditions exploring Desert Elephants of Namibia and Animals of Malawi in the Majete Wildlife Reserve.

“Earthwatch makes the perfect triangle by embedding expeditions in the community, linking them with research scientist and providing opportunities for volunteers to get involved.”


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