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Earthwatch at 50: Philip Faure's story

Philip Faure’s idea to place Anatolian livestock guarding dogs with farmers in South Africa’s western Soutpansberg Mountains was a unique and important way to manage local human-wildlife conflict.

Philip’s role as a community engagement officer is funded through Earthwatch’s environmental partnership with Shell, and he works from the Lajuma Research Centre. Philip’s role sees him working to build and develop trusting relationships with landowners and community members, engaging meaningfully in the challenges they face due to predators.

When he received a call from a farmer who had lost a calf in a hyena attack, it sparked the idea of placing Anatolian livestock guarding dogs with farmers as part of measures to help protect livestock. He would eventually place 17 puppies to test their impact on mitigating human-wildlife conflict after receiving funding from the Earthwatch Shulman Awards, and collaborating closely with the Endangered Wildlife Trust and Green Dogs Conservation.


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