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Earthwatch at 50: Jean Lyster-Binns' story

As her 65th birthday approached, Jean decided to take the plunge and book a place on Earthwatch’s Samburu Zebra expedition in 2004.

“My son had been working in Africa and I was very aware of the challenges being faced by African wildlife. I wanted to do something useful so decided to join the expedition to survey Grévy's Zebra.”

Along with three other volunteers, Jean helped scientists count the zebra as they roamed the plains, and find out what was predating on them. To do this, they analysed lion scat and discovered that more Grévy's Zebras were being hunted by lions as the male Grévy Zebras do not protect the females from predators as is the case with other Zebra species.

“I have such fond memories of having breakfast at dawn in the camp and getting to know the local community. It’s an experience I won’t forget...I try to pass on the importance of the environment to the next generation and am known as Granny Green”.


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