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Earthwatch at 50: Dr. Glen Reynold's story

Glen Reynolds is the Director of the South East Asia Rainforest Research Partnership (SEARRP) and led the Earthwatch research project Climate and Landscape Change in Borneo’s Forests which began as part of the HSBC Climate Partnership Programme.  Delivering practical demonstrations on how a heavily logged forest can be restored to aid its recovery, Dr Reynolds fed into strategy creation for the HSBC participants as they gained a clearer understanding of the impacts of climate change and what the global bank can do to mitigate this global issue.

HSBC Climate Partnership, Borneo (Credit: Zoe Gamble)

“The opportunity to engage with an organisation of the global reach and influence of HSBC has enabled us to leverage the value of SEARRP science and make a robust, evidence-based case for climate action. Through our partnership with Earthwatch we were able to show, particularly through the support of conservation and restoration of tropical forests, carbon financing and the importance of sustainable supply chains, how the financial sector can (and must) have a positive impact”.


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