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Earthwatch at 50: Daphne King's story

As a keen gardener, Daphne King was drawn to the Earthwatch Costa Rica caterpillar expedition when she saw it advertised in 1999. During the two week expedition, she was tasked with hiking through the jungle to collect caterpillars and food plants to help biologists understand caterpillar-parasitoid dynamics and how Climate Change and pesticides are affecting their delicate balance.

“The research gave me a really different insight into things” said Daphne. “I don’t use chemicals in the garden now, I find natural deterrents instead.”

Daphne has also begun a community bee-keeping initiative in her local area. “We have two hives so far but I’m hoping to keep building things up once Covid is over. It is the first local civic apiary project in the region and will be run as a social enterprise” said Daphne.


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