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Earthwatch at 50: Daniel Santos' story

Daniel Santos noticed that while Cape Verde was vulnerable to the effects of climate change, local communities didn’t always understand the complexities. After receiving a Shulman Award grant from Earthwatch Europe, Daniel Santos decided that theatre might be the best way to educate and empower people in his community.  He worked with theatre company Demagogia to devise a piece called A Procura (The Search). It used simple language and messaging to communicate the issues, challenges and potential solutions of climate change.

 “I had the opportunity to meet with many members of the local community and stakeholders, giving me experience in networking and disseminating information about climate change.”

 The play was performed alongside music and food in the Praia Baixo village, where it was seen by a large number of people from the local community as well as local policymakers and business investors. It made an impact on local county government, who included climate change as a priority issue on their new activity plan as well as prompting a boost in arts funding in an area where theatre was once popular but more recently is underfunded and rare.


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