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Earthwatch at 50: Daniel Letoiye's story

Competition between local pastoral communities in Samburu, Kenya and the endangered Grevy’s zebra has long presented a challenge for conservationists.

In 2012, Daniel Letoiye was awarded an Earthwatch Schulman Award grant, enabling him to study the conflict for his MSc in Conservation and Rural Development at the University of Kent, Canterbury, UK.

As part of his fieldwork, Daniel assessed how pastoralists felt about the relationship with the zebra, and mapped out movement, grazing zones, zebra distribution, key activities and important ecological areas within the region. He simultaneously turned his attention to the various social tools that could be put in place to trigger social change, and allow conservation to be embraced by pastoralists.

 “The opportunity allowed me to explore methods for reducing human-wildlife conflicts, specifically among Grevy’s zebra and local pastoral communities in Samburu. The skills I acquired are now being applied to conserve the community resources for the benefit of the community and wildlife.”


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