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Earthwatch at 50: Carsten Ten Brink's story

An artist, photographer and writer, Carsten has completed an impressive six expeditions with Earthwatch, beginning with an archaeological expedition 'Origins of Angkor' in Thailand in 2006.

His interest in civilisations continued with an Inca dig high in the Peruvian Andes and a project on Easter Island. His thirst for learning expanded into wildlife, conservation and earth sciences, motivating him to travel to the Amazon, the Peruvian Pacific coast and the volcanoes of Nicaragua, each time contributing to Earthwatch’s vital programme of research. “There have been memorable moments over the years,” said Carsten.

“On one occasion, en route to survey rare monkeys, river dolphins and other Amazon life, our research boat’s rudder broke in an unexplored location before we could reach our destination. A time for creativity and good humour: we instead surveyed the area around our mooring – the pay-off: monkeys where they had not previously been observed.”


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