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Earthwatch at 50: Anne, Nicky and Fiona's story

 Fiona Bluck, Anne De'Ath and Nicky Dunnington-Jefferson (from Left to Right).

Anne De’Ath, Nicky Dunnington-Jefferson and Fiona Bluck, all Fellows of the Royal Geographical Society, have forged a long-standing bond through their shared interest in the environment. Fiona and Nicky first met on a trip to North-East India, and Nicky then introduced Fiona to Anne, who had travelled to Namibia with Earthwatch, upon their return from India. The trio immediately struck up a friendship and, having heard Anne’s experiences, planned more Earthwatch expeditions.

Photo Credit: Anne De'Ath

“I wouldn’t have gone unless they’d gone,” admitted travel writer Nicky. “I wasn’t confident at all as I’m not technically minded: I’m a writer. I’m absolutely terrified of anything technical.” To begin with, I thought, 'How on earth do they cope? They’re working with scientists and technical data.'”

However, encouraged by her friends, Nicky joined an Earthwatch trip with Fiona, and found that her fears were mitigated by the approach of the scientists she was supporting.

Photo Credit: Nicky Dunnington-Jefferson

Between them, but not necessarily together, the trio have now participated in cheetah expeditions in Namibia, an archaeological dig in Thailand and a trip to the Galapagos Islands to study Darwin’s finches.

Photo Credit: Nicky Dunnington-Jefferson

“It’s interesting how you meet people through Earthwatch and you learn so much as well,” said Anne. “I wouldn’t want to go on a ‘normal’ holiday again.”


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