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Earthwatch at 50: Andrew Pindar OBE DL's story

Andrew Pindar OBE DL grew up by the sea in Scarborough, and saw first hand how polluted our oceans are, instilling in him a lifelong love of sailing, and a passion for the environment.

As well as making significant financial gifts to Earthwatch, Andrew has nailed his colours to the mast by carrying the Earthwatch name on his racing yachts. Heavily involved in international sailing, he uses the sport to promote his love for the environment by raising awareness of Earthwatch’s work through his yachting campaigns.

Photo credit: Mark Lloyd

“Carrying the name of Earthwatch is as important a gift as money because it builds awareness and education of the work that is being done” says Andrew.

Andrew is proud to use his network and opportunities to amplify the message of environmental activism.

“I continue to use my network and life to try and champion the cause, particularly for Oceans. It’s not one moment, it’s a continual journey.”


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