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Friday, 07 May 2021 08:56

Earthwatch speakers to join Global Biodiversity Festival

Launched in May 2020, the Festival runs this year again in recognition of the United Nations International Day for Biological Diversity on 22 May. Pushing the boundaries of what a virtual festival can be, this second edition will broadcast live for three days non-stop, with over 140 speakers spanning the globe and exploring biodiversity from every angle, and regional moderators hosting sessions across time zones.

Live virtual field trips will take participants to the front lines of the race to save the incredible variety of life on our planet, in Kenya with the last two northern white rhinos, the rainforest of Costa Rica as well as kiwi hatcheries in New Zealand, among others.

In this historic moment for the survival of our planet and species, that sees the COVID-19 pandemic converge with the launch of an outstanding number of global conservation initiatives for the decade leading to 2030, it has never been more vital to focus on biodiversity. The festival will bring together some of the most forward-thinking decision-makers across all conservation issues, and shine a spotlight on the power of passionate leadership and engagement.

The Global Biodiversity Festival is free to join and 100% non-profit. Funds raised over the weekend will be entirely donated to grassroots conservation projects around the world.

As in 2020, a book will be produced and provided free to all speakers and their organisations. A PDF version will also be available online free to everyone. 

The Global Biodiversity Festival was launched in May 2020 based on an idea from National Geographic Explorer and science communicator Joe Grabowski, with the support from explorer and broadcaster Paul Rose.

For more details, and to register, please visit the Global Biodiversity Festival website.


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