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Thursday, 20 January 2022 13:45

Earthwatch researchers present special issue of Sustainability Journal

The Sustainability Special Issue "Citizen Science for Sustainable Cities: Investigating Nature Based Solutions" presents a series of findings from the Earthwatch Europe Sustainability Training Programme, a global training programme created with HSBC.

Earthwatch researchers, alongside representatives of the Indian Institute of Technology Bombay, Royal Holloway and the French National Institute for Agriculture, Food, and Environment, edited the issue. Ten papers have been published, which are the result of the work of 53 researchers from 25 academic institutions around the world, over 1,900 citizen scientists and local authorities, led by Earthwatch researchers for over two years.

The papers highlight the benefits of citizen science for researchers and communities, and demonstrate the importance and feasibility of using nature-based solutions in urban areas facing environmental challenges.

Macarena Cárdenas, Research Manager at Earthwatch Europe, said: ‘The Special Issue "Citizen Science for Sustainable Cities: Investigating Nature Based Solutions”, is a powerful testament of how ground-breaking, yet simple, citizen science research can provide key understanding of sustainable solutions to urban environmental challenges. We invite everyone, especially researchers, academics and local authorities interested in nature-based solutions and innovative research methods, to read the publications available in this Special Issue.

Read the papers in Sustainability.


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