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Earthwatch expands EU activity with new Netherlands presence

Earthwatch is expanding its activity in the EU, led by Toos van Noordwijk, Director of Science, Policy and Innovation, who recently moved to the Netherlands.

Earthwatch is an active partner in a number of EU-funded citizen science research projects, such as MICS, MONOCLE and EU-Citizen.Science, working with organisations around Europe. We also run several projects across the globe, such as FreshWater Watch and our corporate Sustainability Training Programme.

However much of our public work to date has been focused on the UK, and the new Netherlands outpost is an opportunity to expand our activity in this area across the continent. We are now increasing our presence in the EU and will be actively initiating projects in the Netherlands and beyond, to drive positive environmental change at scale.

The tools and approaches we have developed can help improve waterways, make food production more sustainable and create greener places to live across Europe.

Toos said: “I’m really excited about this opportunity to bring our experience and our range of citizen science tools to the Netherlands. We will focus on supporting, amplifying and scaling up the impact of great initiatives we’re already working on for sustainable agriculture, clean water, urban biodiversity and nature-based solutions, here and in the rest of the EU.”  

Earthwatch Europe's CEO, Steve Andrews, added: “Earthwatch is committed to working across Europe to bring about positive environmental change. This new presence is a really important part of that commitment, and is an exciting opportunity to facilitate much closer collaboration between us and our European partners, ensuring that our activities have a lasting impact.”

If you would like to know more or discuss opportunities for collaboration in Europe, please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


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