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Wednesday, 25 May 2022 10:41

Earthwatch Europe joins the new Public Private Partnership 'Farmers with Biodiversity' in the Netherlands

To restore biodiversity in the Netherlands, collaboration with the agricultural sector is key.

Earthwatch Europe is proud to announce that we are a partner in the new Public Private Partnership 'Farmers with Biodiversity' that started in May 2022. We will research the development of a toolkit for farmers to measure biodiversity on their farm, together with partners such as the Deltaplan Biodiversity Recovery Foundation, Branche Organization Arable Farming and PepsiCo.

In the Netherlands, biodiversity has been declining rapidly. The climate plays a major role in this, but various sectors such as industry and agriculture also have an effect on biodiversity. It is important to restore biodiversity by developing a more sustainable, resilient and inclusive food system. Done in a joint effort with farmers, stakeholders and researchers, the project will serve three goals:

1) raising awareness, measurability, reward and appreciation for a positive contribution towards biodiversity recovering

2) validation of the toolkit and results and linking them to the ‘critical performance indicators’ from the Dutch Biodiversity Monitor Arable fields

3) linking the results to specific management on the farm

Additionally, it will be researched if the toolkit and the Dutch Biodiversity Monitor for Arable farming can be used for broader international use.

The full press release can be found on our Dutch website.


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