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Earthwatch at 50: Adrian Bland

Earthwatch at 50: Adrian Bland's story Adrian has been on a number of Earthwatch expeditions and is always keen to learn new skills and have new experiences. During an Earthwatch... Read more

Earthwatch at 50: John Pratt

Earthwatch at 50: John Pratt's story In 2016, keen angler John Pratt joined Wild Oxfordshire and the Evenlode Catchment Partnership to take part in Earthwatch Europe’s FreshWater Watch initiative to... Read more

Earthwatch at 50: Anne, Fiona, Nicky

Earthwatch at 50: Anne, Nicky and Fiona's story  Fiona Bluck, Anne De'Ath and Nicky Dunnington-Jefferson (from Left to Right). Anne De’Ath, Nicky Dunnington-Jefferson and Fiona Bluck, all Fellows of the... Read more

Earthwatch at 50: Jonah Ratsimbazafy

Earthwatch at 50: Jonah Ratsimbazafy's story Madagascar’s famous lemurs are on the verge of extinction but one man is on a mission to protect the iconic creatures. Jonah Ratsimbazafy has... Read more

Earthwatch at 50: Zoavina Randriana

Earthwatch at 50: Zoavina Randriana's story Whilst studying veterinary studies at the University of Antananarivo, Zoavina Randriana contacted Luke Dollar, who was leading Earthwatch’s Carnivores of Madagascar project, expressing her... Read more

Earthwatch at 50: Daniel Letoiye

Earthwatch at 50: Daniel Letoiye's story Competition between local pastoral communities in Samburu, Kenya and the endangered Grevy’s zebra has long presented a challenge for conservationists. In 2012, Daniel Letoiye... Read more

Earthwatch at 50: Caroline Wanjiru

Earthwatch at 50: Caroline Wanjiru's story Mangroves are one of the world’s most complex and crucial habitats. As well as storing huge amounts of carbon, they provide a nursery home... Read more

Earthwatch at 50: Daniel Santos

Earthwatch at 50: Daniel Santos' story Daniel Santos noticed that while Cape Verde was vulnerable to the effects of climate change, local communities didn’t always understand the complexities. After receiving... Read more

Earthwatch at 50: Helena Sims

Earthwatch at 50: Helena Sims' story In 2009, Helena Sims became one of the first recipients of the new Earthwatch Shulman Awards, created by conservationist Neville Shulman CBE. Helena realised... Read more

Earthwatch at 50: Rima Chai

Earthwatch at 50: Rima Chai's story Rima Chai, AKA ‘Tyre Lady’, started dragging her signature tyre as part of a gruelling training regime for a polar expedition in 2006. When... Read more

Earthwatch at 50: Russell Fisher

Earthwatch at 50: Russell Fisher's story When Russell Fisher moved to a small Oxfordshire village parish after a long time living in London he realised that the wildlife around him... Read more

Earthwatch at 50: Alex Liu

Earthwatch at 50: Alex Liu's story Alex Liu, a lecturer in palaeontology and sedimentology at the University of Cambridge, doesn’t usually anticipate tears in his lectures. But there’s one slide... Read more

Earthwatch at 50: Peter Tavolacci

Earthwatch at 50: Peter Tavolacci's story In 2012, when HSBC Senior Manager Peter Tavolacci took part in the Earthwatch/HSBC sustainable coffee farming programme in Costa Rica, he felt as if... Read more
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