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Earthwatch at 50: Russell Fisher

Earthwatch at 50: Russell Fisher's story When Russell Fisher moved to a small Oxfordshire village parish after a long time living in London he realised that the wildlife around him... Read more

Earthwatch at 50: Damian Ryan

Earthwatch at 50: Damian Ryan's story In 2020, Damian Ryan joined his local Naturehood group to help create a local environment that maximises the benefits of nature to both people... Read more

Earthwatch at 50: Jonah Ratsimbazafy

Earthwatch at 50: Jonah Ratsimbazafy's story Madagascar’s famous lemurs are on the verge of extinction but one man is on a mission to protect the iconic creatures. Jonah Ratsimbazafy has... Read more

Earthwatch at 50: Zoavina Randriana

Earthwatch at 50: Zoavina Randriana's story Whilst studying veterinary studies at the University of Antananarivo, Zoavina Randriana contacted Luke Dollar, who was leading Earthwatch’s Carnivores of Madagascar project, expressing her... Read more
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